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Rivers in Pakistan Go to wikipedia's page on the rivers of pakistan. definitely more descriptive that this This article is a stub. You can help the Pakistan Wikia by expanding it. Name Source Description Chenab RiverPunjab Dasht Rivers Dashtiari River Gambila River Ghaggar-Hakra River Gilgit River Gomal River Hub River Hungol River Hunza River Indus River Jhelum River Kabul River Swaan River. Rivers of Pakistan map – Pakistan map with rivers (Southern Asia. Rivers of Punjab – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia. Indus River dolphin – Population & Distribution | WWF Pakistan: Major Dams and Barrages (as of 11 Aug 2010) – Pakistan. Departing monsoon leaves 139 dead – The Express Tribune

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The Indus River is the most important river in southern Asia and it is shared between Pakistan, India, and china. The river runs for about 1,988 miles, from Lake Mansarovar in Tibet to Latah, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, then through Punjab to pour to the Arabian Sea near Karachi. Longest Rivers In Pakistan

Map of rivers in pakistan. Pakistan has the widest irrigation system in the world. There are five major rivers of Pakistan which are filled by several small rivers. The most widely spread canal system is of great importance and supplement to the agriculture of the country. Among the available resources of water in Pakistan, the river water is the biggest one. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. The rivers such as Indus along with its tributaries, Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Narmada and Tapi are shown on a river map of India Find out about all the major rivers of India in.

It is a large political map of Asia that also shows many of the continent's physical features in color or shaded relief. Major lakes, rivers,cities, roads, country boundaries, coastlines and surrounding islands are all shown on the map. Pakistan Cities: Kābul River, river in eastern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan, 435 miles (700 km) long, of which 350 miles (560 km) are in Afghanistan. Rising in the Sanglākh Range 45 miles (72 km) west of Kabul city, it flows east past Kabul and Jalālābād, north of the Khyber Pass into Pakistan, and past This is a list of rivers wholly or partly in Afghanistan, arranged geographically by river basin

A full page Google map showing the exact location of 4 rivers in Pakistan. TouristLink also has a map of all the rivers in Asia as well as detailed maps showing rivers in 52 different cities in Asia. * India Pakistan Map showing location of India and Pakistan, India Pakistan borders, areas and boundary maps of India Pakistan. Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. The five rivers of Pakistan are Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sultej and Indus. Jhelum River Jhelum is nearly 774 kilometres long and is the tributary of River Chenab.

Panjnad River, river in Punjab province, Pakistan, formed just below Uch by successive junctions of the Sutlej, Beās, Rāvi, Jhelum, and Chenāb rivers. The Panjnad (literally “Five Rivers”) flows 44 miles (71 km) southwest to its junction with the Indus River near Mithankot. A dam on the Panjnad Pakistan has the lion's share of the Indus, one of the most significant rivers in all of South Asia. Two-thirds of the water supplied for irrigation schemes and in homes comes from the Indus River and its tributaries. The river system of Pakistan originates from the great snow covered Himalayans and the Karakoram Ranges. Maps of india, India roads Map, India cities Map, india border and blank Maps, climatic Map, geographical, geological, historical India Map, languages, physical.

This is a list of rivers wholly or partly in Pakistan, organised geographically by river basin, from west to east.Tributaries are listed from the mouth to the source. The longest and the largest river in Pakistan is the Indus River.Around two-thirds of water supplied for irrigation and in homes come from the Indus and its associated rivers. The five rivers of Pakistan are Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sultej and Indus. Jhelum . River Jhelum is nearly 774 kilometres long and is the tributary of River Chenab. Jhelum originates from the south. Pakistan River Map Print Description : The Pakistan River Map traces the complex network of waterways that weave across the country such as Indus, Sutlej, Chenab, Beas, Ravi Jhelum any more.

Other rivers Edit. The Dasht River (Urdu: دریائے دشت ‎) is in Gwadar District, Balochistan, Pakistan. Mirani Dam is being built on the Dasht river to provide drinking water to Gwadar City.. The Kech River is a tributary of the Dasht River which flows from Iran into Balochistan, Pakistan.The city of Turbat is along this river and is used to irrigate the orchards and in vegetable farming. Pakistan River System Map with Head Works. Lahore (Saturday, September 6, 2014) – Due to torrential rains in the catchment area of river Jhelum, Chenab and Ravi, There is high flood situation at various head works in Punjab province.

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