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What is Germany's Castle Road . The Castle Road, called Burgenstraße in German, is over 1,200 km (745 miles) long. It starts in Mannheim and leads you all the way to Prague in the Czech Republic.It is – of course – dotted with castles and picture-perfect around every corner. Germany is famous for its castles, with their pasts filled with knights, dukes and the devastation of wars. The castles, which boast a rich history, have been restored to their former glory and, in some cases, are lived in by families of the founders. Their treasures include previous artifacts, paintings, furniture and weapons.


Found in the heart of Bavaria, Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th century Romanesque Revival palace that was built by Ludwig II of Bavaria. The palace was his personal refuge but was soon opened to the public after his death in 1886.

Ludwig castles germany map. The Land of Ludwig II: the Royal Castles and Residences in Upper Bavaria and Swabia (Prestel Verlag, Munich, 2000; 64 pages, 96 colour illus, 23 x 30 cm) ISBN 3-7913-2386-5. Till, Wolfgang: Ludwig II King of Bavaria: Myth and Truth (Vienna, Christian Brandstätter Verlag, 2010: 112 pages, 132 illus., 21 cm: Engl. edition of Ludwig II König von. “ The residence of King Ludwig ll of Bavaria is a splendid architectonic gem located in southwest Bavaria,near ETTAL Abbey.Is the smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig ll and the only one which he lived… From the fantasy and extravagance of King Ludwig’s storybook castles, the picturesque cities bulging with historical, cultural and religious significance, and the serenity of bovine-studded green pastures and church towers spotting the Bavarian countryside, to the welcoming hearts of our gracious hosts at Landhaus Koessel….

Germany is blessed with the fantasy of most beautiful castles and mighty palaces. The enigma of the ancient creations standing poignantly is itself a spectacle in every form. Where the Schloss Neuschwanstein reminds us of the Sleeping Princess, the Wartburg, and the Schloss Heidelberg stands as the mere spectacle of the majestic ancient architecture. Ludwig's extravagance and romanticism earned him the epithet of "Mad" King Ludwig. With towering turrets in a striking setting, these castles are a huge hit with sightseers. Every tour bus in Bavaria converges on Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, while more tourists flush in each morning by train from Munich, two hours away. The most visited castle in all of Germany, this Romanesque Revival castle attracts more than 1.3 million tourists yearly. Built in 1869 by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in patronage to the composer Richard Wagner, this highly romantic castle is likely Germany’s most famous.

Designed as the ultimate cliff-top refuge – and a huge theatre for Wagner – this masterpiece was again unfinished at the time of Ludwig’s death. As Fantasy Castles go, the sheer size and scale of Neuschwanstein is breathtaking. Credit: Jeff Wilcox, CC BY 2.0. King Ludwig II of Bavaria’s Fall From Power and the Diagnosis of ‘Madness’ Linderhof– King Ludwig's private Idaho near Oberammergau, a place where King Ludwig could be alone.: Neuschwanstein– The Famous 'Cinderella's Castle' that inspired Walt Disney's famous Magic Kingdom.: Hohenschwangau– An older castle across from Neuschwanstein where Ludwig's royal ancestry lived.: Herrenchiemsee– The island retreat on the Chiemsee, the largest lake entirely within Germany. Ludwig II was born in 1845 into the Bavarian ruling family, the House of Wittelsbach, well known for its’ eccentric family members. At the time of Ludwig II birth, Bavaria, one of thirty-nine independent states that formed Germany was ruled by his grandfather, King Ludwig I.

Eccentric, big-spending King Ludwig II of Bavaria, or ‘Mad King Ludwig’ as the schoolbooks would have him, was regarded as a liability in his lifetime, but in the 125 years since his death, his legacy of castle-building, particularly at Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, and Herrenchiemsee, has brought millions of visitors to southern Germany. Some of Germany's most beautiful and breathtaking palaces, castles and fortresses like Neuschwanstein Castle, Herrenchiemsee New Palace or Munich Residence, are to be found in Bavaria. About Neuschwanstein Castle: Tucked on the edge of the mountains South of Munich is the crown jewel of Europe’s fairytale castles and the best castle in Germany, Neuschwanstein ().. Meaning New Swanstone Castle, Neuschwanstein (Noy-shvahn-shtine) is so impressive that Walt Disney used it as his model for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.. From the alpine setting overlooking a lake, to the timeless.

Looking for the best fairytale castles in Germany? Here are 17 SPECTACULAR castles in Southern Germany, with MAP and itinerary for your to plan your visit to them all. Visit Castles in the Black Forest, Neuschwanstein, Hohenzollern and more! #castles #germany #fairytale #map #germanytravel #itinerary #bavaria Neuschwanstein Castle (German: Schloss Neuschwanstein, pronounced [ˈʃlɔs nɔʏˈʃvaːnʃtaɪn], Southern Bavarian: Schloss Neischwanstoa) is a 19th-century Romanesque Revival palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany.The palace was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat and in honour of Richard Wagner. Main information: King Ludwig II of Bavaria Ludwig II and his palaces. Apart from the sights on Herrenchiemsee Island the Bavarian Palace Administration also cares for the following palaces, all of them commissioned by King Ludwig II.. Linderhof Palace . With this palace, finished in 1878 and the only one Ludwig II completed and actually lived in, the Rococo age experienced a revival.

Visiting Germany is more than just drinking beer and eating schnitzel. Every year, Germany attracts thousands of visitors, 407.26 million to be exact, making it the seventh most visited country in the world! After all, Germany has a plethora or castles, fortresses and palaces to keep people coming back again and again! Mad King Ludwig’s Fantasy Castles Near Munich in Germany July 2, 2020 by Henk Bekker in Bavaria , Germany , Royal Castles Bavarian King Ludwig II built the Disney-like Neuschwanstein Castle, Schloss Linderhof, and Herrenchiemsee Palace in Bavaria, Germany.

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